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11 Oct 1944 New York: Dress Rehearsal for "Frank Sinatra In Person - Vimms Vitamins" (CBS)Radio Recording
Conductor: Axel Stordahl
Frank Sinatra (vocalist), Vocal Chorus

mx. VP941-D4MC443
There's No You (2:39 rehearsal)  -  Tom Adair, Hal Hopper
Arrangement: Axel Stordahl
Selected Releases
Key Release 1945 There’s No You - Army V-Disc
Key Release 1945 There’s No You - Navy V-Disc

mx. VP941-D4TC443
Someone To Watch Over Me (2:07 rehearsal)  -  George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin
Arrangement: Axel Stordahl
Note: Some sources indicate the recording date as September 27, 1944.
Selected Releases

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