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26 Sep 1945 Hollywood: "Songs By Sinatra - Old Gold" (CBS)Radio Recording
Conductor: Axel Stordahl
Frank Sinatra (vocalist), Guest: Dinah Shore (vocalist), The Pied Pipers [June Hutton, Clark Yocum, Hal Hopper, Chuck Lowry] (vocalists)

mx. VP1586-D5TC1409
Homesick, That's All (3:11)  -  Gordon Jenkins
Arrangement: Axel Stordahl
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mx. VP1586-D5TC1409
The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful (2:09)  -  Irving Kahal, Billy Rose, Dana Suesse
Arrangement: Axel Stordahl
Frank Sinatra with Dinah Shore.
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Songs By Sinatra Old Gold "Yankee Doodle Dandy" Commercial (1:43)  -  
Frank Sinatra with Marvin Miller (announcer).
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